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Hardiplank installation in Wood Green, North London

January 17, 2017 6:12 am Published by

James Hardie cladding Here was a challenge for Summit –- how to give a Victorian semi a major external makeover where space is tight. We were contacted by our clients, Terry and Jim, who live in Wood Green, North London. They were building a side extension to their house and looking at all the options that would give it the best look possible. Terry and Jim run a successful florist’s business with high standards, so they were precise about their requirements and expectations. A lot of the exterior rendering on their house was cracking and because of the height and awkward access to the property, they would be faced with a constant challenge to maintain the walls in good order.... View Article

Bespoke door canopy installation in Willesden, North West London

January 10, 2017 5:10 pm Published by

We all know that first impressions count.  So the importance of a “good look” to the front of your house can’t be overstated. Summit Cladding was recently contacted by former clients who we’d worked for in 2006. They had just finished a major refurbishment of their beautiful house in Willesden, North West London. The only job outstanding was to fit a Georgian style canopy to their front door. Our clients knew exactly what they wanted and even had a photograph of an example. But there was one big problem.  The canopy they wanted was only available in one size and there simply wasn’t enough space at the front of the house because of two existing bay windows. The previous builder... View Article

Cladding installation in Loughton, Essex

January 6, 2017 6:12 am Published by

  There’s nothing to beat a word-of-mouth recommendation! Summit was put in touch with this client by a neighbour who we had previously worked for in Loughton, Essex. The White family had lived in their 1970s townhouse for ten years and watched sadly as it began to show its age. All the paint on the original timber cladding was flaking off and exterior storage cupboards by the front were beyond repair.  As with many houses from that period, the building itself was far less environmentally friendly than modern constructions. We visited our clients to carry out a full survey and recommended the removal of all the original timber, to be replaced by foam-filled shiplap cladding. This material is more energy... View Article

James Hardie cladding installation in central London by Summit Cladding

December 14, 2016 3:30 pm Published by

Summit Cladding’s latest client owns a small business with accommodation in Holborn, central London. Although he had been residing there for a year, unfortunately, he was experiencing water leaking from the glass roof. As a temporary measure, he had fixed black plastic sheeting over the area. However, another issue was the paint-work on the floor to ceiling windows. Black painted timber absorbs the heat from the sun, unlike white, which tends to reflect it. Consequently, all the paintwork was beginning to blister and crack. Installation On attending the address, we recommended that Summit Cladding remove the original glass panels on the roof, and fit contemporary Marley Eternit slate tiles. To fit these to the pitched roof we had to install... View Article

Porch roof replacement in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire

December 9, 2016 10:28 am Published by

Our latest clients contacted Summit Cladding by visiting our showroom in Crews Hill, Enfield. Their property in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire had an infestation of squirrels which were nesting in their porch loft and water was also leaking into the house. We arranged an appointment to visit their property to identify what was causing these issues. After specialising in roofline solutions for nearly thirty years, finding the problem was relatively straightforward for the Summit Cladding team. The original wooden fascias of the porch were rotting away above the guttering and consequently, the squirrels could gain easy access, to create a home in the loft. Installation A quote was agreed and we started work almost immediately. First, we removed all the original timber fascias,... View Article

Soffits, fascias and new guttering installation in St. Albans, Hertfordshire

November 22, 2016 6:34 pm Published by

Summit Cladding was recently contacted by our customers, who live in St Albans, Hertfordshire. They moved into their detached property five years ago and had noticed the deteriorating condition of structural timber around their investment. They had replaced the original windows four years ago and realised that uPVC was a great alternative to the continuous maintenance required by wooden fascias and soffits. One of our client’s concerns was how the work was going to be done. They had a conservatory at the rear of their address and a garage at the side with a tiled roof that made access challenging. Summit Cladding arranged an on-site meeting to discuss the logistics of the installation with the client. The solution to the access... View Article

Door canopy installation in Barnet, north London

November 16, 2016 5:05 pm Published by

Summit were recently contacted by a client who lives in Barnet, north London. The client was very specific in her requirements and had lived at the property for over ten years. Having completely modernised the interior, she wanted to give the house an outside makeover, giving it the kerb appeal it deserved. After several site visits, Summit Cladding came up with an ideal solution that our client loved. We suggested constructing a pitched roof door canopy over the front door. This would alter the flat look of the front of the address and create more depth. To start, we hand-carved two wooden gallows brackets that would support the new timber frame. This we combined with a plain tile exactly the... View Article

James Hardie cladding installation in north London

November 4, 2016 4:34 pm Published by

Summit Cladding were contacted recently by clients we had worked for previously, who live in Enfield, north London. We had previously replaced all the original wooden fascias and guttering at their house six years. The address did not grant easy access to it’s roofline, which was causing issues and scaffolding was always necessary to gain access. The wooden soffits and fascias were beginning to rot as the timber really needed painting every three years, which had been difficult for the client to achieve. The second issue facing them was the original render on the house was now starting to crack. Although the house had been constructed in the nineties, it unfortunately  was starting to look tired and dated. With years... View Article

Concrete gutter replacement in Enfield, north London

October 24, 2016 4:46 pm Published by

Replacing concrete gutters Summit Cladding were recently contacted by our client who lives in a nineteen-fifties style property in Roundhill Drive, Enfield. The client and her family were experiencing issues with damp patches and mould on the internal upstairs walls of her house. Summit Cladding had previously rectified a similar problem on the client’s neighbour properties and understood the dilemma she was experiencing. The house was originally constructed using Finlock gutters, commonly known as concrete block gutters. Apart from creating cold spots and mould on the internal walls, they also leak into the joins from the outside, which looking very unattractive. The only guaranteed solution to this irritating problem is to remove them and replace them with a modern gutter... View Article

James Hardie concrete cladding installation in Bedfordshire

October 9, 2016 11:16 am Published by

Why choose James Hardie concrete cladding? We were first contacted by our customer, who lives in Studham, Bedfordshire to solve a problem he had with his cedar cladding. He bought the bungalow approximately five years ago, and virtually demolished it to create a modern, contemporary dwelling. The build was so impressive they had intended it to be shown on Grand Designs. Over time, the cladding had been affected by the weather and he wanted a material that was going to be maintenance free, but blend in with the forest setting. Our client visited our Crews Hill, Enfield showroom and then to a local installation of ours in the Ridgeway, to show him a concrete based board by James Hardie. James... View Article