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Fascia Replacement Protection for Your Home

July 29, 2013 12:38 pm Published by

Fascia Replacement is just one of the many very important methods used to keep your home properly protected from the elements and free from structural damage throughout the year. Many older properties have old roofline protection which, due to the height, has not been properly maintained over the years. This is a very common issue and one which will eventually lead to serious structural issues and extensive financial outlay for the property owner. Old Fascia Replacement is vital for many reasons and often overlooked until it is too late. This is a problem that can very easily be avoided by regular professional maintenance and Fascia Replacement where necessary using high quality UPVC materials which will not deteriorate over time like... View Article

What is a Fascia Board?

June 10, 2013 1:10 pm Published by

Unless you have been living in a cave your entire life it is absolutely certain that you have seen a Fascia Board however many people are unaware of exactly what they are for.   A Fascia Board is a specific kind of roof trim that is mounted on the exposed ends of Rafters or the top of exterior walls which creates a protective layer between the edges of the roof and the exterior. This type of roof trim is most commonly used on residential housing and also serves as an aesthetically pleasing finish to any property.   Fascia Replacement is very common in older buildings where it is possible that inferior (compared to today’s standards) materials were used or the... View Article

Why You Need Fascia Replacement

February 27, 2013 1:13 pm Published by

The need for Fascia Replacement can sometimes go overlooked by many people until it is too late – could this be you? The interior of your home is, for many people, a source of great pride and something that you strive to keep clean and in very good condition for you, your family and your friends to enjoy. After all – An Englishman/woman’s home is their castle Right? It is very easy to spot when something is out of place, damaged or simply in need of a little TLC within the home as we spend so much of our time living within those walls but what about the condition of the exterior, how much attention do you pay to that?... View Article

The Benefits Of High Quality Fascia and Soffit Installation

December 10, 2012 3:09 pm Published by

When considering any works to improve your property, especially in difficult financial times, the cheaper option does sometimes seem the more attractive. There are many reasons why this option is not the most sensible choice, especially when looking at fascia and soffit replacement. The most popular, cheaper, option when it comes to fascia and soffit replacement is to clad-over. This option is, quite simply, just papering over the cracks and although the finished works will leave your property looking fine it does not get rid of the initial problem of rotting wood. Due to the fact that your problems will still remain, even though you can no longer see them, you will, in time, have to pay out for the... View Article

Mr Kirby’s Bungalow

June 26, 2012 10:23 am Published by

  Mr Kirby recently bought this bungalow and one of the first things he did was install fascia boards and fassits, however he was disappointed with the standard of the workmanship, so he turned to Summit Cladding, who were happy to replace the whole thing with durable PVC. A much better material for his home.   Mr Kirby was really happy with the finish and so are we! How do you think it looks?   For more information on soffits and fascia installation, contact Summit Cladding