April showers threaten Britain’s homes

April 24, 2012 2:30 pm Published by
This April is showering like it’s got something to prove. Spectacular thunderstorms, barrages of marble-sized hailstones, unseasonably cold weather and incessant rainfall has spelt an extra Christmas for meteorologists, and a nightmare for homeowners.
Your immediate concerns are probably for overflowing guttering and leaking roofs; but the damp weather can open the doors to a threat that’s more silent, but equally deadly: mould.
Fungi thrive in damp conditions; and when you consider that many species occupy dead wood as their chosen habitat, it becomes clear how important it is to properly protect the timber beams and battening in your home’s construction.
Believe it or not, the solution to this used to be more wood. Whilst traditional cladding can give a building an attractive appearance, it requires almost constant treatment and repair in order to remain an effective barrier to the moisture which will, in the wet UK climate, seep through the cracks and steadily wreak the kind of havoc which you won’t notice until it’s too late.
Fortunately, UPVC cladding makes for a sensible alternative. Impermeable, mould-resistant and available in realistic wood-effect styles, it is your property’s ideal first line of defence against the elements. And with up to a twenty-year guarantee, and no need for maintenance beyond the occasional clean, it’s also a cost-effective way to keep your home secure and dry for years to come.
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