Concrete guttering removal in Camberwell, South London

February 27, 2017 6:31 pm Published by

World War Two may have ended more than 70 years ago, but its effects are still being felt in the sort of work that Summit Cladding carries out. How so? Well, although there was a house-building boom just after the war, there was still a shortage of steel. So much had been used to make ships, weapons, aircraft and ammunition that builders had to look to other materials. One of these materials was concrete and in this case, concrete guttering. So-called finlock gutters were frequently used in the construction of post-war houses – but they can be a bit of a headache. Concrete gutter problems Summit recently completed a job to remove finlock guttering for Julia and her partner, who... View Article

Door canopy installation in Harrow, Northwest London

February 20, 2017 1:30 pm Published by

Summit Cladding is always happy to offer householders free advice on exterior makeovers. From older period properties to modern standard designs, Summit can give your home the “wow factor!” Our client, Philomena, contacted us for advice on fitting a new front door canopy after the old one came off.   Philomena had been searching for a company that specialises in front door canopies for some time and a friend of hers visited our showroom in Cattlegate Road, Crews Hill, Enfield.  We arranged an appointment to offer a range of alternative designs that would compliment the age and style of her home. Cladding for symmetry   Summit recommended an enclosed “V” canopy with James Hardy composite cladding to the centre of... View Article

Soffits, fascias and guttering in Loughton, Essex

February 14, 2017 5:55 am Published by

Now here’s a question: what do you do when your clients are not on speaking terms with their neighbours — but you need access next door to put up scaffolding? Answer: get the builders to play Cupid! This is a problem that Summit Cladding has faced in the past — and one that we had to face again in this latest job in a quiet cul-de-sac in Loughton, Essex. We were approached by Victor and June who asked us to carry out the same work on their house as we had previously installed on a neighbours’ property. But then we discovered that they were not on good terms with their neighbours and didn’t know whether they would allow us access... View Article

Soffits fascias bargeboards and guttering installation in Harpenden, Hertfordshire

February 7, 2017 4:19 pm Published by

Summit Cladding faced a double challenge to enhance the look of this 1960s detached house in Harpenden, Hertfordshire. Not only did we have to reach the highest point of the house, but we also had to remove and safely dispose of some asbestos. Summit were recommended to our client, David, after he’d seen the work we carried out for his brother-in-law in St Albans. Part of our task at David’s house was to replace the wooden barge boards. These are the large lengths of timber that follow the outline of the roof, shaped like an inverted letter “v.”  As they are at the highest point of the house they are normally out of reach and difficult to maintain. When they... View Article