Fascia Replacement Protection for Your Home

July 29, 2013 12:38 pm Published by

Fascia Replacement is just one of the many very important methods used to keep your home properly protected from the elements and free from structural damage throughout the year. Many older properties have old roofline protection which, due to the height, has not been properly maintained over the years. This is a very common issue and one which will eventually lead to serious structural issues and extensive financial outlay for the property owner. Old Fascia Replacement is vital for many reasons and often overlooked until it is too late. This is a problem that can very easily be avoided by regular professional maintenance and Fascia Replacement where necessary using high quality UPVC materials which will not deteriorate over time like... View Article

Bargeboards- Roofline Protection

July 13, 2013 11:43 am Published by

With winter on the way there really is no better time to consider checking your roofline for wear and damage and considering replacing your Bargeboards to properly protect your property. One of the most frequently made statements we hear from clients when discussing their properties Bargeboards is “we just never look up there!” This is a very common problem for many people but also one that is completely understandable from an untrained perspective. Our homes are our castles and, while we are constantly improving them in one way, shape or form, we very rarely pay too much attention to the exterior above the window line. The only time most people pay any attention to the roof is when they notice... View Article