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With winter on the way there really is no better time to consider checking your roofline for wear and damage and considering replacing your Bargeboards to properly protect your property.
One of the most frequently made statements we hear from clients when discussing their properties Bargeboards is “we just never look up there!” This is a very common problem for many people but also one that is completely understandable from an untrained perspective.
Our homes are our castles and, while we are constantly improving them in one way, shape or form, we very rarely pay too much attention to the exterior above the window line. The only time most people pay any attention to the roof is when they notice or are told that there is a tile missing or that the roof has started to sag. Even when home owners do pay attention to the roofline of their property that sometimes cannot see damage to the Bargeboards as this is usually something that requires close inspection which, by definition, requires long ladders and a head for heights.
As we all know the winter in the UK can be very harsh causing sometimes unseen damage to the exterior of properties which, over time, will eventually cause serious problems and sometimes in severe cases structural damage.
We would strongly advise any property owner to professionally check their properties Bargeboards and general roofline for damage before the winter takes hold and any potential damage is caused.
If you require replacement Bargeboards of any of our other expert services contact Summit Cladding today.
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