How to Keep Your Roof Healthy

September 26, 2012 1:14 pm Published by

  Many home owners have roofing which is unhealthy and contains a lot of moisture. Many people do not know the cause of this moisture. In this article you will get an idea and understanding of how to keep your roof healthy and prevent it gaining moisture.   Homes need to breathe, especially in the attic where temperatures can get very high. Healthy roofs have ventilation at the top of the roof and in the soffit. This allows for quality circulation of the air trapped under the roof. If the soffit does not have adequate ventilation, the roof is not getting the air flow it needs. This helps to prevent moisture build up in the attic.   Homeowners should ensure... View Article

What are the Benefits of Installing Cladding?

September 25, 2012 3:46 pm Published by

Cladding is commonly applied to the outside of a building and can also be used in the interior of a home. There are many benefits to installing cladding and people chose it for a number of reasons: To improve the look of their property. Cladding can give your home or building a new look instantly and it is a low cost way to transform the look of your property, replacing outdated styles and giving your home a smarter, cleaner finish. To protect property from the unpredictable weather. One of the key benefits of cladding is its ability to provide an extra layer of protection for you home, which is especially important with weather conditions becoming increasingly more unpredictable in the... View Article

How PVC Cladding Can Enhance Your Home

September 17, 2012 1:01 pm Published by

When it comes to home improvements, cladding can sometimes get overlooked in comparison to other priorities you may have for your home. Although planning that extension or bathroom renovation will improve your home, cladding is also an important component of the appearance of your house, not only to visitors and passersby but also yourself. Not only can PVC roof cladding enhance the appearance of your home but it is also extremely durable and is far more resistant to bad weather compared to old fashioned cladding and timber which tends to rot over time. Deciding against replacing old cladding and timber can even sometimes work out more expensive through maintenance and this can be simply avoided through replacing the cladding on... View Article

Outdoor Canopy in Cockfosters

September 5, 2012 3:21 pm Published by

Cockfosters resident, Mrs Yapanis gave us a call as she wanted a free standing cover to the picnic table in the garden so that she could enjoy it all year round. We designed a free standing cover which matched up with the conservatory at the back of the house.  The roof of this was made of polycarbon and we finished it in a dark brown colour to ensure protection from the sun. We also fitted spotlights into the ceiling so that Mrs Yapanis could enjoy the canopy in the evening.   What do you think of this outdoor canopy?