Front Door Canopy Prevents Sun Bleaching

May 30, 2013 1:21 pm Published by

It is a common misconception that a Front Door Canopy is only needed for decorative effect and to protect the area below from the weather in the winter. While the winter protection that a Front Door Canopy provides is a very important part of its job, the protection from the sun that a properly designed and fitted Front Door Canopy will provide is equally as beneficial for your property. The Rain, snow, sleet and sometimes hail stones that plague these shores during the winter do, over time, cause wear and tear to your property and people naturally pay attention to these issues because they are very often an inconvenience to us; this fact makes it very easy to understand the... View Article

Bargeboards– Paint or Replace?

May 15, 2013 12:15 pm Published by

With summer on the way you may be considering venturing outside and up a ladder to paint your Bargeboards to make them look more attractive and to protect them from the ravages of the winter to come.   There are many excellent paints on the market specifically designed for this purpose but is painting enough? For the vast majority of people the Bargeboards on a property are the last thing on their minds at any time of the year and, unless closely inspected, can look absolutely fine to the untrained eye.   The Bargeboards on your property whether basic or decorative play a very important role in protecting the roofline from nature’s elements and, if damaged, can cause serious structural... View Article