Bargeboards– Paint or Replace?

May 15, 2013 12:15 pm Published by
With summer on the way you may be considering venturing outside and up a ladder to paint your Bargeboards to make them look more attractive and to protect them from the ravages of the winter to come.


There are many excellent paints on the market specifically designed for this purpose but is painting enough? For the vast majority of people the Bargeboards on a property are the last thing on their minds at any time of the year and, unless closely inspected, can look absolutely fine to the untrained eye.


The Bargeboards on your property whether basic or decorative play a very important role in protecting the roofline from nature’s elements and, if damaged, can cause serious structural problems over time. At this time of the year we would all obviously prefer to be lying out in the garden with a nice drink or two but just of 30 minutes of your time or the relatively small fee that an expert company will charge you for inspection will enable you to ascertain their condition and treat the accordingly.


It is worth noting that if they are damaged or painting your Bargeboards is simply not your thing, replacing them with high quality UPVC Bargeboards will prevent you from having to maintain them permanently.


If you require high quality, protective Bargeboards contact Summit Cladding today.
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