How to Keep Your Roof Healthy

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Many home owners have roofing which is unhealthy and contains a lot of moisture. Many people do not know the cause of this moisture. In this article you will get an idea and understanding of how to keep your roof healthy and prevent it gaining moisture.


  • Homes need to breathe, especially in the attic where temperatures can get very high. Healthy roofs have ventilation at the top of the roof and in the soffit. This allows for quality circulation of the air trapped under the roof. If the soffit does not have adequate ventilation, the roof is not getting the air flow it needs. This helps to prevent moisture build up in the attic.


  • Homeowners should ensure that they have ventilation going from their bathroom to outside their house as if they have ventilation into the attic the wood could deteriorate in the attic and on the decking. 


  • In order to keep your attic healthy you should check the attic at least once every 6 months, when doing this check you must look for moisture and leaks. 


  • Gutters also have an impact on the healthiness of the roof. Debris in the gutter could build up and stop water flow, this water then goes onto and under the roof. This also applies to debris left on the roof, such as in valleys. Debris can cause shingles to erode much more quickly than they would if they were clean as debris will hold moisture.


  • If a leak is discovered you must seek professional help instead of trying to deal with the issue yourself by tarring it as tarring a leak would only last a year or two. A professional should assist you in coming up with a plan to prevent leakages.
If you require a professional to guide you through ensuring you have a healthy roof or for any other services like gutter replacements or soffits and fascia replacements, contact us.
Bathroom Ventilation Solutions
This image shows how good bathroom ventilation can be built, this vent leads to outside the house. This will prevent moisture in the attic.

Gutter Debris and Roof Ventilation Solutions

Gutter debris can build up and block the gutter.                            Roof ventilation is vital to maintain a healthy roof.

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