Bargeboards: A Brief History

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Bargeboards are a sometimes overlooked possible addition when thinking about the protection and styling of your home. There are many different styles and colours that can be used when installing or replacing your Bargeboards that will add to the look and feel of your home while protecting the roof from nature’s harmful elements.
In years gone by the raw ends of the roof framing rafters were covered with a continuous wooden plank which ran from the ridge under the roof down to the bottom – this was named the Bargeboard (derived from the medieval Latin phrase “Bargus.”) Not much thought (if any) was given to the styling of these protective Bargeboards at the time, they simply served a purpose and that was deemed to be good enough.
Over the course of time as peoples interest in styling and the general design of their homes grew carpenters were asked to carve, paint and sculpt the Bargeboards to suit the home owners taste and preference; this was entirely possible due to the fact that a Bargeboard, while and important decorative and protective part of your home, is a non-structural element.
Today there are a wide range of Bargeboard styles that can be added to your property that will provide a fantastic decorative and protective finish to your home.
If you are considering installing or replacing Bargeboards on your property contact us.
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