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Front Door Canopy installation, just like any door canopy installation, are an addition to a property that many people choose to invest in for the following reasons.
The most obvious reason for professionally installing a front door canopy is the long lasting all year round protection from the elements that it will provide for the front door area of the property. This is a particularly popular reason due to the damage that the sometimes harsh British weather can cause.
While some people find quite inventive other uses for a front door canopy installation ranging from a summer BBQ shelter to an outdoor oil painting shelter many people don`t consider some of the other inconvenient and sometimes damaging things that an exterior front door canopy can prevent.
A very good example of this can be found in the unlikely guise of a local newspaper delivery person. We all know how frustrating it can be when the paper delivery person fails, seemingly deliberately, to push the paper all the way through the door but instead leaving it hanging halfway out of the letter box. This can be a problem for people who are on holiday as burglars do use signs like this to determine which houses are vacant. This reason is fairly obvious but we have heard quite a few stories from people who have had this happen during the winter while they are at work when it`s raining; anyone who lives in the UK will know that rain is a fairly regular occurrence.
The heavy rain literally soaks the newspaper and, just like a sponge, gets drawn down the paper, through the letterbox and ends up running down the inside of the door and dripping onto the carpet. The water running through the newspaper unfortunately brings with it the ink from the print and has been known to quite literally ruin carpets in the vicinity of the front door.
A front door canopy would have prevented this kind of damage due to the fact that it shields the front door area from the rain.
If you are considering investing in a front door canopy installation contact Summit Cladding today.

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