Five Common Roofing Terms You Need to Know

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From PVC cladding to tantalised battens, the world of roofing can seem somewhat unmanageable. Don’t let a lack of basic terminology put you in a position to feel overwhelmed by your roofing projects. Here are 5 terms that will take the mystery out your next discussion.

1.     Bargeboard

This refers to a flat piece of material, (or board,) that protects the ends of your roof from weather exposure, while providing strength, and a good looking framework for the roof edges. It can range from simple to intricately carved designs, depending on preference.

2.     Fascia

The fascia is the band running under your roof’s edge that helps protect the ends of the rafters. They are available in a range of finishes, colours and designs.

3.     Soffit

The soffit is the finished area beneath the fascia and rafters. It’s the surface between the siding on your house and the roofing itself. It can range from several centimetres to one meter or more, depending on the style and look of your home. It can be ventilated to prevent the mold that occurs from trapped humidity.

4.     PVC  Cladding

Cladding, you may know, provides a layer that weather proofs building structures and occasionally, interiors, (such as wet rooms.) PVC cladding is simply when the cladding is made from a material known as Poly(vinyl chloride.) PVC cladding is flexible, durable, and resistant to the worst weather, fire, vermin and insect damage. It can also last for years and comes in different types, designs, wood grain and oak colours. Wood cladding can rot, burn and be eaten by critters and insects. PVC cladding is an effective, great looking solution.

5.     Tanalised Battens

There’s a term you don’t hear every day. Battens are the long flat strips, (often of wood or metal,) that provide a fixing point for other roofing materials to be fastened to. They provide rigidity to the structure.  Tanalised battens are those treated with pressure and a weather proofing substance with the commercial name, Tanalin.

We hope this helps you get started on some of the roofing industry jargon, which ultimately, may help you feel more confident about your next cladding and roofline project. Whatever you decide, Summit Cladding is always available to help with questions or a free estimate.

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