Over Cladding: A Solution Or A Bigger Problem

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We receive a lot of questions about cladding and our professional opinion of over cladding. Read on to find out about our thoughts on over cladding.

Why Does Cladding Need to be Replaced?

Cladding that is made from timber will eventually rot over time, even with expert installation and diligent maintenance. PVC cladding lasts 10-20 years depending on the colour you choose. Eventually it will also need replacement.

What is Over Cladding?

Over cladding is the process of covering existing cladding with thin plastic.

Potential Problems With Over Cladding

Over cladding may seem like a clever solution when compared to replacing existing soffits and fascia completely. Home owners are sometimes persuaded to purchase over cladding because it costs less than completely replacing existing cladding. Eventually, however, this decision usually ends up costing home owners a lot more.

Even if the wood is not rotten, covering it with a nonporous material will cause deterioration simply from a lack of ventilation. It’s equivalent to a dentist that covers a rotten tooth with amalgam, instead of removing the decay. This is a cosmetic, short term solution that ends up causing more problems later on. In fact, any decay will multiply when the existing wood is not given the opportunity to breathe. Meanwhile, any damage to the eaves will permit water to soak into the back of fascia that is over cladded.

The Full Replacement Solution

At Summit Cladding we have a reputation for doing things right. This includes 20 years of experience, guaranteed cladding, and working directly with the owner, Steven Gelb. Steven attends every initial visit and inspects the work personally upon completion. We will remove and dispose of your existing cladding and replace it with BBA approved, attractive PPC. It is offered in black, white, oak and wood grain colours. It’s also recyclable.

The bottom line is that we don’t believe in taking short cuts. If you have any questions or just wish to chat with one of our representatives, contact us at Summit Cladding.

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