Door Canopies: The Facts

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Door canopies protect your entrances while adding style and charm to your home. Read on to find out more about their benefits and best attributes.

Benefits of Door Canopies

Door canopies are a convenient way to protect you and your guests from rain, snow and harsh sunlight while entering and exiting your property. A door canopy is as attractive as it is functional. Its design capabilities compliment a range of preferences, from traditional to modern styles that add character and a personal touch to your home or business.

Door Canopies are ideal for residential and commercial properties alike.  Our fibreglass (or polycarbonate) canopies are durable. This material can withstand high winds, rain, sleet and hail. Fibreglass is also lightweight.  This makes the material easier to transport and install. Polycarbonate is cost effective for these reasons.

Summit Cladding door canopies are available in a variety of colours and designs. Polycarbonate can be shaped to fit against the building structure cleanly, which is important for the longevity of the canopy. Other materials can leave tiny spaces between the building and the canopy that attracts deterioration and rot.

Door Canopies: Planning Permissions

Planning permissions are occasionally necessary for some door canopy installations. We can help you with questions about how this applies to your property and what the next steps are to take.

Why Choose Summit Cladding for Door Canopy Installation?

At Summit Cladding we’ve been installing door canopies for over twenty years. Stephen Gelb, our owner, chooses fitters who are talented, efficient and professional. As a family owned business, Summit Cladding takes pride in the craftsmanship that we deliver. Most importantly, you don’t have to rely on our staff for testimonials. We have glowing, handwritten reviews from hundreds of clients that Stephen will be delighted to show you during your free survey.

For questions about canopies or any roofline installation, please contact Summit Cladding today.

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