How To Avoid Rogue Traders in the Roofing Industry

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Rogue traders, also referred to as ‘cowboy builders’, have been in the news this month, and with good reason. The NFRC (National Federation of Roofing Contractors) estimates that England loses 1.5 billion from rogue traders every year. More disturbing still, victims are often vulnerable members of society, such as the elderly.

The Real Price of Rogue Trading, and What You Can Do

The cost of rogue trading amounts to more than just money paid for the work, but the cost of repairing the poor and faulty craftsmanship performed. The NFRC reports “Some tradesmen appear to be from legitimate firms, others will just knock at your door with tactics ranging from charging overinflated prices for shoddy work, to starting a job and then asking for more money and refusing to carry on until it’s paid.”

We’d like to review some sound hiring practices to help you avoid unlicensed and unscrupulous individuals in the roofing and cladding industry. Often, these criminals have made an art out of swindling people with great excuses, convincing stories and tempting sales pitches. Here is what you can do to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Research Tradesmen Before Choosing a Roofing Expert

Many ask for references but do you check them? This is the important part. Call the previous customers of your roofing and cladding expert. Choose someone with experience and make certain that they have solid references. Any qualified roofing expert will have a list of references for you to contact. You can view Summit Claddings’ references by visiting our testimonials. We’ll happily give you the contact numbers of our clientele so that you may follow up on the work we’ve completed in the past.

Look for Signs of Disreputable Behaviour

Beware of any tradesman who pressures you into trying to make a decision quickly. Other warning signs are contractors who demand full cash payments up front, contractors who don’t provide written estimates or workmen who attempt to charge you for estimates.

Also, check that your workman is using PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and scaffolding. Lack of relevant equipment should be a cause for concern. Finally, beware of tradesmen who show up at your door when you haven’t sought their services, even if they appear to have a good reason. This is almost always a scam.

At Summit Cladding estimates and surveys are free and our owner, Steven Gelb, will meet with you before and after the work is completed to ensure that you are relaxed and satisfied with the job. We don’t pressure our clients because it is unnecessary. Great work speaks for itself.

If you suspect you’ve been the victim of a roofing scam, report it to Action Fraud.

For questions about our roofing or cladding services, contact Summit Cladding today.

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