Easy Fixes to Avoid Costly Home Repairs

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Life has a habit of throwing unexpected expenses at us, but emergency home repairs have to be up there with the worst of them. It’s easy to take a fully functional home for granted until the whole family has to move out while major work is done – not to mention the expense of large-scale home repairs.

You don’t have to sit back and wait for problems to develop though. A good maintenance routine combined with some easy fixes will keep the family home in good (and affordable) shape for many generations to come.

Run quarterly checks

To make home maintenance both manageable and affordable you need to keep a close eye on things. The changing seasons bring new challenges to different parts of your property, so a quarterly check on the essentials will mean you can spot and fix any developing problems, before they become costly.

Look after your roof

Replacing a roof is one of the biggest expenses a homeowner can face – especially if problems are diagnosed too late. Your roof endures a lot throughout the year, particularly in winter, and a good maintenance check in spring is a must.

Keep an eye out for cracked, frost-blown or missing tiles and get them replaced as soon as possible, as these are the first line of defence against leaks. Remove any debris your roof collects during autumn and winter – especially if you have trees overhanging your property – and address any leaks right away.

Keep on top of ventilation

If your house is more than 40 years old there’s a good chance it isn’t getting the ventilation it needs. Sealing cracks, double glazing and even replacing insulation can upset the airflow in your property, which may lead to condensation and eventually water damage.

Fixes tend to be simple if you spot problems early enough, so regularly check your attic and windows for condensation or any kind of water build up. Installing a vent tile, vented soffit boards or an extractor fan are often enough to set things in order – while simply opening the odd window could even do the trick.

Clean your gutters

We recently published a post explaining 10 reasons why you want to clean your gutters and let’s just say it could save you a small fortune in the long run. From internal leaks to insect infestations and a range of other property nightmares, the simple act of cleaning your gutters every few months will prevent a hole host of expensive home repairs down the line.

Protect your exterior

Harsh winters can be tough on the exterior of your property, but the summer months can take their toll as well. Cladding and bargeboards protect the more sensitive parts of your exterior against the elements – particularly rain and the risk of freeze/thaw damage in the winter.

Surface protection is also important in the summer (when we’re lucky enough to get one) as excessive sunlight can fade or even damage paint and other finishes. Cladding and bargeboards will help here again, while additional fittings like door canopies offer protection against rain and sunlight throughout the year.

With your roof and gutters well maintained and a keen eye kept on ventilation, drains and plumbing you’ll be well protected against structural water damage (something you really don’t want to deal with) and the inexpensive fixes we have mentioned in this article will go a long way to prolonging the life of your property – not to mention avoiding the cost of major home repairs.

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