How to Keep Your Home Secure

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Many homeowners feel a certain amount of anxiety in relation to the security of their home. How easy would it be for a potential intruder to gain access? What can I do to improve security in my home? These are both questions which people ask experts on a regular basis and the worry surrounding the issue is a very contentious issue for some.

Whilst it is never good to allow fear to get the better of you; common sense and precaution are always to be advised; whilst we all want to be able to relax and enjoy our homes, a laissez faire attitude in relation to home security can lead to trouble.

There are many facts and figures bandied about with regards to home security. Some people insist that a home with minimal precautions will be seen as ‘less attractive’ to potential burglars as they may assume there is nothing worth taking…whilst others claim the presence of a burglar alarm actually attracts intruders, giving the impression that there is something inside worth taking.

Neither of these are true; the official advice states that a mixture of secure doors and windows and sensible precautions is the best route towards a safe home.

Official Advice

The UK Police Force is clear in its advice for homeowners who wish to ensure that their property is unattractive to would-be burglars.

The following tips are taken from their website and should be considered by all homeowners. Remember, if you are making any structural changes to your home, you should check that your security measures are still just as strong…or stronger once the work is complete.

  • Always lock doors and windows when you leave the house – even if you’re just in the garden
  • Make sure keys are not accessible through letterboxes or other apertures
  • Install good outdoor lighting
  • Keep boundaries such as fences and hedges in good condition and repair any breaks immediately
  • Lock side gates
  • Install a visible burglar alarm
  • Lock sheds
  • Ensure tools and ladders are not accessible
  • Do not keep valuables in a place where they can be seen from outside

The UK Police also state that homes which do not make efforts to keep security measures consistent are around 5 times more likely to be burgled.

Most burglaries happen when intruders break through the main entrance or back door; this is usually carried out by kicking the door in or by lock forcing. Ensure your locks are strong and reliable.

Being Neighbourly

If you are due to go away for a holiday, let your neighbours know so that they can be aware of any unusual activity around your home. Cancel milk or newspaper deliveries and have a friend with a key open up the house once a day in order to remove any leaflets or free newspapers from the letterbox or doormat and to let anyone who may be watching the property, that someone is always about.


When it comes to your doorways, make sure that you have a good light installed. Attractive properties in particular are sometimes more at risk due to their kerb-appeal so be sure to install a porch light and perhaps add a motion sensor light for good measure…no burglars want to be in the spotlight!

You can also consider installing a timer switch on both interior and exterior lights so that they will come on in the evenings and put off any intruders.

Weak Points

Remember that glass panels make doors more vulnerable to intruders who can smash them silently with the help of cloth or special tools. Consider having the glass replaced with extra-strong laminated glass or purchase some security film from your local DIY store.

Bearing all of this in mind, it’s also important to consider the fact that it’s never advisable to worry too much over these things; simply take adequate precautions and your chances of being burgled will shrink immediately.

Don’t be anxious…be proactive.

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