Soffits, fascias and new guttering installation in St. Albans, Hertfordshire

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Fascias, soffits and guttering in St Albans
Timber soffits and fascias rotting
Deep flow guttering installation
New soffits and fascias installed

Summit Cladding was recently contacted by our customers, who live in St Albans, Hertfordshire.

They moved into their detached property five years ago and had noticed the deteriorating condition of structural timber around their investment. They had replaced the original windows four years ago and realised that uPVC was a great alternative to the continuous maintenance required by wooden fascias and soffits.

One of our client’s concerns was how the work was going to be done. They had a conservatory at the rear of their address and a garage at the side with a tiled roof that made access challenging.

Summit Cladding arranged an on-site meeting to discuss the logistics of the installation with the client.

The solution to the access problem was for our in-house scaffolding company to erect tubular beams over the garage roof and conservatory. That enabled our fitters to work comfortably and within the health and safety guidelines.


The next stage was to remove all the original wooden fascias, soffits and plastic guttering. Once they were removed, Summit Cladding inspected the rafter feet to ensure there was no rotten timber. Rafter feet are the ends of the rafters that the fascia boards are fitted to. If the fascia boards are neglected, the rot will spread to the rafter feet, which can be problematic because this is part of the main roof structure 

We then removed the fascia boards and discovered a wasp’s nest, which is quite a common occurrence as the wasps eat the decaying timber and use it to build nests.

A specialist pest control company was contacted who sprayed the nest, and we were then able to remove the nest in its entirety.

We then fitted a ‘Eurocell’ 18mm-thick fascia board with a tongue and groove soffit, as well as a concealed over fascia vent and an eaves support tray that encouraged the water from the roof to flow into the new gutters.

Deep flow guttering

Finally, we fitted a black round deep flow guttering and new down pipes. The house is surrounded by trees, and in the autumn, the gutters are regularly blocked by leaves. The deep flow guttering has doubled the capacity of the original guttering to prevent this occurring again.

While working at our client’s house, we were contacted by their neighbours, who were impressed by the professionalism of our team. Although their house had a different design, they also had similar issues with their gutters, soffits and fascias.

Once our original work was complete, our scaffolders dismantled the scaffolding and moved it across to next door so that we could start on their installation. This was no real surprise for us, as having been in business for over twenty-five years, Summit Cladding receive approximately 30% of business through customer recommendation.

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