Porch roof replacement in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire

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Old porch roof with incorrect pitch and rotten timber
Porch roof replaced with correct pitch and new tiles
Replacement timber cladding on porch

Our latest clients contacted Summit Cladding by visiting our showroom in Crews Hill, Enfield.

Their property in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire had an infestation of squirrels which were nesting in their porch loft and water was also leaking into the house.

We arranged an appointment to visit their property to identify what was causing these issues. After specialising in roofline solutions for nearly thirty years, finding the problem was relatively straightforward for the Summit Cladding team.

The original wooden fascias of the porch were rotting away above the guttering and consequently, the squirrels could gain easy access, to create a home in the loft.


A quote was agreed and we started work almost immediately. First, we removed all the original timber fascias, soffits and guttering and inspected the timber joists to make sure there was no internal damage.

We then fitted a Eurocell 18mm thick fascia board with new soffits making sure that there was no opportunity for the squirrels to re-enter the house.

After this was completed we fitted new gutters and downpipes including eaves support trays and over fascia vents.

We had identified that the porch roof tiles had been laid incorrectly and the pitch was too shallow. As a result, water was penetrating the joints. The next stage was to remove these tiles, and once this was complete we found the timber joists were rotten due to the ingress of water over the years.

Having removed all the rotten timber, we started work to prevent this happening in the future. We started by replacing all the rotten roof timbers and increasing the pitch of the roof.

We then fitted a new breathable membrane to ensure that there would be no possibility of water ever causing damage again.

We advised our client to alter the roof tiles to a smaller plain tile. This appears more attractive on smaller roof areas in our experience.

We then fitted new cement under-cloak to the sides of the porch, and cemented all the tiles as well as replacing all the lead flashing.

Finally, we removed all the wooden vertical cladding that was beginning to warp and rot. We replaced it with a 125 ml rosewood cladding to compliment the wood grain uPVC door that our clients had replaced five years ago.

Our clients were delighted with the fresh new appearance of the property, and satisfied there would no further squirrel invasions or water leaks.

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