James Hardie cladding installation in central London by Summit Cladding

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Property before cladding and new roof
James Hardie cladding and new roof installed
Black James Hardie cladding installation in London
James Hardie cladding in black

Summit Cladding’s latest client owns a small business with accommodation in Holborn, central London. Although he had been residing there for a year, unfortunately, he was experiencing water leaking from the glass roof.

As a temporary measure, he had fixed black plastic sheeting over the area. However, another issue was the paint-work on the floor to ceiling windows.

Black painted timber absorbs the heat from the sun, unlike white, which tends to reflect it. Consequently, all the paintwork was beginning to blister and crack.


On attending the address, we recommended that Summit Cladding remove the original glass panels on the roof, and fit contemporary Marley Eternit slate tiles. To fit these to the pitched roof we had to install joists, along with a breathable membrane

To give the roof additional ventilation we removed the industrial looking extractor vents and fitted two ventilated tiles. In addition to this, all the mortar on the party walls was beginning to blow, so we removed it and replaced it as well as replacing the lead flashing.

We then fitted black James Hardie cladding to all the redundant windows, which not only transformed the appearance of the front, it made the property far warmer.

Once this was complete, we used Eurocell black foil window trims to cover all the existing timber. Although none of the windows were rotten they all needed either a complete overhaul or replacing due to their condition.

Now our client has the appearance of new windows without having to replace all the frames. Finally, we replaced all the guttering transforming a tired facade to a property to be proud of.

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