Soffits, Fascias and Bargeboards replaced in Barnet, North London

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Rotten softwood bargeboard iin Barnet
Soffits fascias and bargeboards replaced in Barnet
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Replacements soffits and fascias

Maintenance Free!

If you are going to have cladding installed on the outside of your house, you will want it to be maintenance-free, won’t you? What you don’t want is old softwood boards that will start to rot within a few years!

That’s a problem a lot of homeowners have faced, because builders tend to use cheaper softwood timber, instead of hardwood — and even builders using pvc sometimes don’t get it right.

Summit cladding is a specialist roofline pvc fitting company and we recently completed an installation of maintenance-free roofline products for clients who live in a detached property in Barnet, North London.

We were pleased to be recommended to our clients, who were going to have their windows replaced. They were aware that their 1970s property was built using softwood timber for the bargeboards, fascias and soffits – all of which needed replacing.


We started by erecting scaffolding on one of the gable elevations because it was very close to the neighbouring property and access was restricted. Summit then removed all the old timber cladding and the guttering.

We inspected the rafter feet to ensure there was no internal decaying timber and after we were satisfied that it was all sound we fitted full replacement fascias and soffits. Summit also fitted an over-fascia vent to allow a flow of air to the roof space, reducing the risk of moisture on the joists.

We then fitted deep flow capacity round guttering and downpipes, as well as an eaves support tray. When the top elevation was completed we removed all the wooden ship lap cladding to the lower level front elevation next to the garage.

We replaced this with foam-filled pvc shiplap cladding, identical in profile to the original timber cladding. As a final touch, Summit fitted a new led spotlight above the front door. Our client was delighted with the transformation, which took only four days to complete.

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