Concrete gutter replacement and door canopy installation in Epping

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Concrete gutter replacement in Epping
Door canopy replacement in Epping
Door canopy and concrete gutter replacement
Replacement concrete gutters in Epping

Previous posts on this blog have told the story of the dreaded Finlock concrete gutters – and here’s another!

Our client, Jane, had some unwelcome news in the survey report from her mortgage lender on her end-of-terrace house in Epping. There was some urgent work required.

First, part of the roof was leaking badly and second, the Finlock concrete gutters needed removing.

These gutters, as we’ve reported before, can be a nightmare for home owners, with a risk of cracking and damp penetration in the walls.

Search for specialist

Jane had looked on the internet to find a company that specialises in removing concrete gutters, but all those she found were based in the Midlands.

But then she discovered that not only does Summit Cladding carry out this kind of work, but we also have a showroom only 15 minutes’ drive from her home.

When I first visited Jane, I gave her two addresses of jobs I had completed around the corner and suggested she went and had look at them — and speak to our clients if necessary.

Jane contacted us two days later to say that she was impressed with what she saw and wanted Summit Cladding to carry out the work for her.

Front porch renovation

At the same time, she asked what could be done with her front door porch, as there were signs of mould at the bottom of the wall. On close inspection, we discovered that the walls were only one brick course thick, with no insulation.

We suggested fitting Kingspan insulation blocks with James Hardy cladding on the outside walls to reduce cold spots on the internal plasterwork. We completed the porch by creating a pitched roof with new tiles to match those already on the house.

In addition, we added another course of tiles to the main roof to create a sufficient overhang into the new guttering.  The installation took five days to complete. 

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