A secret makeover in Edgware, North London

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Replacing pvc cladding in Edgware
pvc cladding in Edgware, North London
Replacement cladding and guttering
New cladding and guttering

I’m sure we have all watched those programmes on TV where somebody’s house or garden gets a secret makeover.

Well recently, Summit Cladding was happy to take part in a bit of “cloak and dagger” to give a lady a big surprise.

It all started with a telephone call from Jonathan, about his mother-in-law’s house in Edgware. His instructions were very specific – and a bit mysterious!

We were to drive to an address and park around the corner. Under no circumstances should we knock on the door, but when we got there we were to call Jonathan for further instructions.

Don’t tell mother-in-law!

It turned out that this was to be a gift for his mother-in-law, whose house was in a poor state of repair. We agreed with Jonathan what needed to be done, which included fitting tongue and groove cladding to the front of the house, pvc fascias, round guttering and downpipes. All the work was to be in white, to give the house a fresh, clean new look.

Jonathan revealed to us that his mother-in-law had so far resisted having any work done on the house, and was also a bit of a hoarder, so the plan was to have the makeover done at the same time as the family de-cluttered the house for her! The only question was when.

Keeping out of sight

The opportunity came when the lady was due to go away for a weekend bowling competition, and this was when the real cloak and dagger stuff took place.

We only had two days to get the work done and had to be ready to move as soon as she left the house. Even her bowling partner didn’t know what was planned.

I organised my fitting team to hide around the corner in the communal garages to wait for the materials delivery — and if they were questioned by anyone they were to say we were working on the garages.

The coast was clear!

As soon as the lady left, we set to work, stripping off the old and flaking timber cladding and replacing it with the new maintenance-free material, as well as fitting a new roof on the porch.

While we were doing the work outside, Jonathan and his wife were indoors doing a major de-cluttering operation.

I don’t know if his mother-in-law won any trophies at her bowling competition, but she couldn’t believe her eyes when she got back home after her weekend away.

Jonathan gave us a crate of beer to show his gratitude for completing the work under his strict guidelines. And I was proud of my team for working over the weekend to get the job done.

Another satisfied customer for Summit Cladding! 

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