New fascias, soffits and bargeboards in Enfield, North London

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New soffits and fascias in Enfield
Timber porch sills replaced
Replacements bargeboards installed

Here at Summit Cladding we pride ourselves on respecting the wishes of our clients.

So, when Nik and Maria, from Enfield, asked us to carry out a makeover on their property, there was one important condition attached: no trampling on the garden!

Nik and Maria have lived in their house in a quiet cul-de-sac for over 30 years and are very proud of their property. When they moved in they had all their windows replaced with white aluminium frames and mahogany sills which, at the time, were a “cutting edge” design.

Garden out of bounds!

They also carefully maintained the front and back gardens and it was made clear that these gardens were “out of bounds” for our installation team.

The job entailed replacing all the bargeboards, fascias and soffits, repainting all the render on the front of the property and staining all the hardwood subframes and the double front doors.

In addition to that, a section of wood inside the porch was completely rotten and needed removing and the hardwood sills had split badly and, although not rotten, needed a thorough makeover. 

Care with the scaffolding

We began by making sure our scaffolding team could reach all areas without damaging any of the plants.  Once the scaffolding was up, we carefully removed all the original timber bargeboards and fitted maintenance free uPVC profiles in exactly the same colour as the original timber, along with new guttering and downpipes. Then we replaced the rotten timber in the porch.

As for the window sills, there is a specific uPVC profile designed to cover wooden sills and we mitred the angles on the two six-section bay windows. When this work was all completed my painting team came in to prepare and paint the entire front of the property.

My clients are delighted with the new look of their house and we agree that it is certainly the best-looking property in this quiet cul-de-sac in Enfield. 

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