PVC bargeboards installation in London

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PVC bargeboards installation in London
White pvc bargeboards in Enfield
White pvc barge boards
Beautiful bargeboards installation

A clear blue sky over Enfield in North London makes the perfect backdrop to illustrate Summit Cladding’s latest bit of handiwork.

As with most of our jobs, this was a specialist installation designed to replace original woodwork – but using maintenance-free pvc.

We have been trading for over 35 years now and we are proud to be getting recommendations from different generations of the same family. It was our prospective client’s son who recommended us to his dad, a director of a penthouse suite in a block of flats in Enfield north London.

The construction company that built the flats 10 years ago had fitted pvc to all the fascias of the building, except for those on the front elevation, which were made of wood. And that, of course, is the bit that everyone can see – so it had to look good!

Maintenance free

But wood requires regular upkeep, with all the associated costs of painting and erecting scaffolding, so this was why Summit Cladding was called in.

The block of flats is one of four and it was imperative that any work we did must not look out of place.

Scaffolding was assembled across the front elevation and the old barge boards and decorative inserts were removed. We then used recycled pvc profiles to replicate exactly what was removed, before adding the decorative finials.

What we managed to achieve is an exact copy of the block’s original appearance — without the headache of any future expensive maintenance.

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