New soffits and fascias installation in Barnet, North London

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New white pvc soffit installation
Soffits and fascias installation in Barnet
Replacement white soffits
Black fascias and white soffits
Replacement of soffits and fascias
New pvc soffits and fascias
Black pvc fascias
Ultra slim green water butt

When your house is almost 100 years old with unique features, it’s a big step to bring it up to date without spoiling its character.

Our client, Flavia, from Barnet, had lived in her house for many years and had always been reluctant to swap original wooden fixtures for pvc replacements.
Three years ago she ‘bit the bullet’ and did replace the window frames – but would she also change all the fascias and soffits?

Textured pvc identical to timber

Flavia’s reluctance was due to the unusual curved timber inserts and original tongue and groove porch recess, which gave the house its character. She just wasn’t prepared to lose that ‘look.’
This was where Summit Cladding was able to provide the reassurance that Flavia wanted.

We showed her some examples of textured black fascia board which is identical in appearance to stained black timber. She was most impressed, as she also was with the textured white soffit that has the same look as old timber.

Our extra touch

We also knew that Flavia was a keen gardener, so as an extra touch we suggested fitting an ultra slim water butt as part of the renovations so that it wouldn’t encroach on the narrow side access to the property.

Once Flavia was happy with all the plans we stripped off all the original timber and replaced it with up-to-date fascias and soffits in pvc, but with the charm and appearance of wood.
The difference, of course, is that the new material is entirely maintenance-free and our client Flavia is delighted with the transformation.

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