Supply and Installation of new soffits, fascias and guttering in Hadley Wood, Barnet

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Replacement black uPVC fascias on dormer window
Soffits and fascias in Hadley Wood
Preinstallation of new guttering in Hadley Wood
Soffit and fascia installation in Hadley Wood

Here’s a cautionary tale for anyone thinking of fitting seamless guttering on their house: make sure the fascia boards can take the weight!

Seamless gutters can look great but supporting them properly is a challenging task.

Summit Cladding was contacted by clients in Hadley Wood, who’d been living in their lovely home for over 20 years. They had a large extension built five years ago, when the seamless aluminium guttering was recommended by their builders.

When we viewed the property, we saw that the single piece of guttering was over 12 metres long – or about 36 feet – and was hanging off the fascia board at one end, threatening to come right off.

Summit’s solution

The builders had also fitted a large section of lead to make this section of roof watertight, but it was looking unsightly and birds were nesting behind it.

Summit began the installation by having scaffolding erected along the entire front elevation.

Then we set to work to remove the whole section of seamless gutter, along with all the original wooden fascias, soffits and lead flashing.

This was replaced by smart new uPVC fascia and soffit and a Marshal Tufflex deep flow gutter system guaranteed for 10 years.

The ugly apron of lead was also removed and we created an invisible cover flashing that not only looks great but will stop the birds from nesting in the house in future.

Wooden fascia replacement

The final phase of the work involved replacing all the wooden fascias on the dormer windows, which are set back on the roof and awkward to access.

The centre of the dormers were finished in black ash textured uPVC that looks identical to the original stained timbers.

The installation took four days to complete and our clients are delighted with the work.

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