Replacement soffits and fascias in Bushey, Hertfordshire

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Soffits and fascias in Bushey, Hertfordshire
Replacement guttering in Bushey
Guttering in Bushey, Hertfordshire
Deep flow guttering installation
Replacement soffits and fascias
Pre installation of soffits and fascias

Who would imagine going shopping for garden plants, but ending up getting a house renovation?

That’s what happened for our clients, Mark and Roz, after they visited Springtime Nurseries in Crews Hill, Enfield, where Summit Cladding have their showroom.

They had been thinking for some time about getting work done on their house, but they didn’t know who to approach. Seeing our showroom at the nurseries was a “lightbulb moment” and after talking to us they knew they’d found the right place.

New soffits and fascias

Summit Cladding are proud to have a showroom where prospective clients can see actual examples of our work and discuss their needs with a professional company.

Mark and Roz wanted to replace the wooden fascias and soffits on their property and after visiting their home I was able to advise on the best solution – to remove all the old timber and replace it with maintenance-free uPVC.

As well as new fascias and soffits we also recommended installing modern deep flow guttering that would be far more efficient than older styles in removing rainwater.

Interest from neighbours

As is so often the way, word got round our clients’ neighbours about the work we were planning and two more of them got in touch, so we ended up doing work on all three houses after erecting scaffolding to make a safe working environment.

Not only that, but even more neighbours have shown an interest, so next time you are shopping for plants at Springtime Nurseries, why not pop in and see us too?

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