Bespoke door canopy installation in Croydon

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Bespoke door canopy in Croydon
Door canopy with rosewood fascias
Door canopy with white soffits
Pre installation of door canopy

One of the challenges facing Summit Cladding when starting a new job is to find out whether any restrictive covenants might influence how we do the work.

Covenants are rules and regulations that are agreed between landowners, developers and homeowners, such as stipulations about building materials, paintwork and access.

Our client, Alison, who lives in a quiet close in Croydon, came to us about replacing her front door canopy. But her road had a covenant in place, ruling that the window frames and canopy had to remain the same colour.

Worn out roof

The covenant did not, however, stipulate what materials should be used, and Alison urgently needed to replace the feather-edge timber canopy roof, which was far from watertight.

As the “before picture” shows, the timber was beginning to curl and warp and its appearance was letting down the look of the house.

Summit’s brief was to fit a replacement canopy that would blend in with other homes in the development, while respecting the covenant that was in place.

Brand new look

We began by removing the old structure and building a new frame, or carcass, onto the brick wall. Rosewood fascias and cladding were then fitted to the outside of the frame, with the only variation from the original being the addition of a white soffit with LED spots to throw more light into the hallway.

Finally, with the warped timber roof gone, we fitted plain brown tiles on top of a breathable membrane, with lead flashing cut into the wall at the top for complete weatherproofing.

The installation took three days to complete and now Alison’s house has the kerb-appeal to match those of her neighbours.

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