James Hardie cladding installation in Enfield, North London

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Concrete cladding installation
Cladding on an extension
James Hardie cladding in Enfield
Pre-installation of cladding

Summit Cladding is always prepared to take on a major renovation project, but sometimes it’s the smaller jobs that can make all the difference to the look of a property.

We were contacted by a client who lives in a lovely period house in Bush Hill Park, just outside Enfield, north London. It’s a beautifully restored property complete with period features. But there was one thing letting it down.

At the back of the garage was a single storey extension which had clearly seen better days. It was coated in rough, poor quality white render, with a door and window that needed a lick of paint. The whole thing contrasted badly with the lovely old brickwork at the back of the house.

Influenced by a friend

Our client came to us after visiting a friend’s property in Devon and seeing how a building could be transformed by fitting cladding in the right shade of colour.

James Hardie Cladding is available in over 20 colours to suit every building and every taste. Making the right choice is very important, as the variation can be affected by the amount of direct sunlight on specific parts of the property.

For example, you wouldn’t want brilliant white cladding in an area where you’d be blinded by bright sun, nor a dark shade where you want more light reflection.

Colour to fit surroundings

Here at Summit Cladding we always advise clients on the most appropriate colour to use, and in this case, we recommended Monterey Taupe, which has an earthy shade that blends in well with the natural features of a garden.

As with all our installations, the first task was to remove the old render before fitting a breathable vapour barrier and treated timber battens. This forms a secure fixing for the cladding, which is finished off with straight edges for the corners, windows and doors.

Our client now has a garage extension that is no longer an eyesore, with clean straight lines that compliment the brickwork of the house – and will be entirely maintenance-free.

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