Door canopy and guttering replacement in Godalming, Surrey

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Door canopy installation in Godalming
Replacement guttering, soffits and fascias
Replacement guttering installation in Surrey
Pre installation of new door canopy

Here at Summit Cladding we pride ourselves on going the extra mile for our clients – not just in what we do for them but how far we travel as well!

Out to the leafy lanes of Surrey for this latest job, where a charming lady was looking for our help and expertise.

The client had recently moved into a delightful bungalow in Godalming. The setting was perfect and very picturesque, but some of the alterations to the property done by previous owners left a lot to be desired.

The workmanship and detail showed that corners had been cut, so it was our job to sort it out for the new owner.

Dark timber to be removed

The main thing that was letting it down, and which was obvious to anyone calling at the house, was the dark timber canopy surrounding the front door. Not only did it look dated and unwelcoming, but it made the hallway and front rooms very dark.

Summit’s simple solution was to strip away the stained wood trelliswork surrounding the canopy and replace it with a single white supporting bracket fixed to the wall, to allow maximum light to reach the front door and windows.

The underside of the canopy was fitted with white tongue and groove soffits and led lights.

New fascias and gutters

The wooden fascia boards, which were stained in the same dark colours and showing evidence of rot, were taken off and replaced by maintenance-free PVC – with all the appearance of wood but none of its downsides.

Next, we replaced all the guttering with black round deep flow gutters which are 30% more efficient in removing rainwater than standard ones.

Finally, while working on the roofline we also discovered some holes where birds had nested in the past, so we fitted a barrier known as “bird comb” which stops birds getting through but still allows some ventilation.

Our client is delighted with Summit Cladding’s work, which has transformed the look of her cosy bungalow.

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