Door canopy installation in Loughton, Essex

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Front door canopies Essex
Replacement door canopy in Loughton, Essex
Front door canopies in Loughton
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Front door canopy installation
Replacement soffits and fascias in Essex
Door canopy installation in Essex
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Summit Cladding offers a lot more than just a new way to cover your house walls. A visit from us, with an expert eye, can radically improve the look of your home with a few simple touches.

Rob and his wife were visiting the garden centre in Crews Hill, Enfield, when they came across our display and realised that Summit could offer just what they wanted.

They moved into their home in Loughton, Essex, five years ago, but there was something not quite right about the front of the property. Apart from its general appearance, there was no front door canopy to offer shelter from the weather.

Identifying the problems

When Summit approached the house for the first time the flaws were obvious – there was no symmetry to the existing roof lines above the windows, with a pitch on one side and a flat roof on the other.

A tiled pitched roof is always a better option than a flat felt roof, which needs to be maintained and is more at risk of leaking. Also, the existing flat roof had a very deep fascia that did not match the rest of the house.

The front door and its surrounds were attractive enough, but the lack of a weather-proof canopy was something that needed to be put right. So, with the problems identified, Summit got to work.

All materials to match

We began by creating a three-tier hip roof to match the existing one on the other side of the front door, using the same make of tiles that were fitted when the house was built. We also fitted a black ash fascia and white soffits that again matched the rest of the property.

For the installation of the front door canopy, we built low brick walls with two strong oak supporting posts to compliment the mock Tudor outline of the house. Then the original roof over the front door was reformed to take a front gable, matching the other gable elevations.

As a final touch, we laid an Indian sandstone slab base in the porch to match the resin-bonded driveway, with new drainage soakaways.

Rob and his wife are so glad they saw Summit Cladding’s display at Crews Hill, as we have completely transformed their home in just two weeks, giving it the “wow factor” they’d been hoping for.

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