James Hardie cladding installation in Harlow, Essex

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James Hardie cladding installation in Harlow, Essex
Replacement cladding installation in Harlow, Essex
Replacement cladding in Harlow
James Hardie concrete cladding
Artic white James Hardie cladding detail
James Hardie cladding in Arctic White
James Hardie cladding corner detail
Pre-installation of James Hardie cladding

Have you ever had one of those “Eureka” moments when you discover something quite unexpectedly while looking for something else? It’s funny how a solution to a problem can appear when you least expect it. This was what happened for the owners of this charming house, The White Cottage in leafy Harlow, Essex

They had gone to the garden centre at Crews Hill in Enfield to buy some plants to brighten their property. But Crews Hill is also the site of Summit Cladding’s showroom, where we display the full range of our products, so you can guess what happened next.

The perfect solution

As the couple wandered into our showroom, they experienced that lightbulb moment. They realised that James Hardie fibre cement cladding would be the perfect solution to the demands of property maintenance.

Our clients loved the look of their home but the constant need to maintain the exterior was getting on top of them. Why keep repairing and painting when you don’t need to?

Having seen what we had to offer, our clients arranged for a site visit and inspection of the work to be done, and Summit Cladding was soon on the case.

New cladding for old

The existing timber cladding was stripped off the walls, any defective timber battens were replaced and new ones added. A breathable vapour barrier for added insulation was attached and finally the feather-edge cladding was fixed in place, with aluminium powder-coated trims around the ends.

James Hardie cladding comes in a wide range of colours to suit every taste, but as our clients’ home had been called The White Cottage for over 150 years, there really was only one that would do: Arctic White.

The result is a stunning makeover that gives The White Cottage a new lease of life while keeping its period charm – with no need for costly maintenance. Quite a result when all you were expecting was to buy a few garden plants!

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