Soffits and fascias replacement in North London

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Replacement Soffits and fascias in North London
Replacement bargeboards in North London
Soffits, fascias and bargeboards installation in North London
Pre-installation of new soffits, fascias and bargeboards

Stunning roofline transformation

When Summit Cladding gives your property a makeover there are several key stages, all of them important, to guarantee a successful transformation. There is the main cladding itself of course, but we never overlook the need to replace soffits and fascias. The smaller stuff is equally crucial if we want to be sure of a really nice finish.

Our client, Mr Gulabadas, has lived in his home in North London for some 40 years and is very happy there. It’s an elegant Edwardian house, solidly built and with generous sized rooms. But as with many of our clients, the constant maintenance of the property’s timber features was taking its toll.

Soffits and fascias hard to reach

This is particularly the case when looking at soffits and fascias, which can be awkward to maintain and decorate at first floor level, especially if the guttering has leaked or overflowed over the years, causing the timber to rot. Climbing a ladder at that height is not recommended!

At our first meeting with Mr Gulabadas we showed him an example of the PVC fascias and soffit boards that Summit Cladding supplies and it’s fair to say he was surprised and impressed by their appearance.

Tough and maintenance-free

They look like painted woodwork but are entirely maintenance-free. Whatever colour you choose, be it white, black, or brown, the colour extends throughout the depth of the material, so there is no fading and no need for painting. Also, our soffits and fascias are tough, resist impact and do not warp, crack or rot.

Summit set to work by erecting scaffolding to remove all the rotting timber, replacing it with our modern PVC soffits and fascia boarding. We also attached new maintenance-free bargeboards to the gable ends and freshened up the centre of the apex with white exterior Sandtex masonry paint.

Mr Gulabadas is delighted with the transformation of his home and the quality of the finish – and equally happy that all the work carries a 10-year guarantee. He will never need to risk his neck climbing a ladder to inspect the soffits and fascias, as they’ll look just as fresh and new in 10 years’ time as they do today.

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