uPVC Fascias and Bargeboards installation in London

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Fascias and bargeboards in London
Replacement bargeboards and fascias
Bargeboards installation London
New bargeboards and fascias in London
Replacement bargeboards over garage
Bargeboards and fascias detailing
Before installation of new fascias and bargeboards
Pre bargeboards installation in London

Maintenance-free uPVC fascias and bargeboards

If you live in a house that boasts attractive architectural features wouldn’t you hesitate before getting any remedial work done? After all, you might think, how can I be sure that replacement parts will match the originals?

This can be a dilemma unless you know where to look and who to engage to do the work. Here at Summit Cladding, we are well used to reassuring our clients that we can and will reproduce the “look” that they want, with all the benefits of up-to-date maintenance-free uPVC materials.

Fed up with painting timber?

Our latest client, Clare, has lived in this handsome Edwardian property in a London suburb for about 30 years, but the constant cleaning and painting of the timber fascias and bargeboards was starting to get her down.

The details and moulding of the house’s timber features was what attracted her to the property in the first place, so she didn’t want to lose any of that. She was pleasantly surprised when we assured her that she wouldn’t need to!

Replacements fitted with care

Summit started the job by carefully erecting scaffolding to access the roofline. All the century-old timber fascias and bargeboards were removed, allowing us to inspect the ends of the roof joists. This is a very important part of the work, to ensure there is no wet or dry rot in the joists, as they must be robust enough to support the new materials.

We then fitted a combination of plain uPVC fascias and a layer of uPVC architraves to restore the building’s original appearance, and the finishing touch was to freshen up the masonry between the decorative uPVC profiles with Sandtex Gardenia paint.

As you can see for yourself in the before-and-after pictures, the house looks as good as new, but with the benefit of materials that are entirely maintenance-free and backed by guarantee.

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