Soffits, fascias and guttering in North London

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Decorative and ornate fascias over front door
Ornate white fascias over a bay window
Replacement guttering installation in North London
Spotlight fitted to new door canopy soffits
Bespoke and ventilated soffits installation
Fascias and soffits replacement in Enfield
Soffits and fascias replacement by Summit Cladding
Pre-installation of new soffits, fascias and guttering

It’s all in the details

For Summit Cladding, it’s all about the detail. We will always make sure that our replacement soffits, fascias and gutters are as true to the originals as possible.

With this job in North London, our client’s brief was to follow the existing detail exactly, to match what the builders had fitted when the house was extended five years ago.

The builders had made their own vented soffits under the roofline and fitted four different fascias on the front door canopy and front bay window. These ornate details were what Summit had to replicate.

Matching the soffits and fascias

The installation process started with the removal of all the existing wooden fascias and soffits, front and back, on the original main house. To match the detail on the extension we cut a template of the soffits the builders had fitted. This was so we could cut rectangular ventilation holes in the Swish pvc soffits. Swish is a manufacturer of a wide range of soffits, fascias and guttering, from standard profiles to decorative boards in several different colours.

The original Old Gothic, or OG, decorative gutter had internal fascia brackets that are really designed for conservatories, but don’t allow for a deep enough fall to drain water from the roof. We therefore fitted similar looking gutters with conventional fixing brackets to allow for better rainwater drainage.

Insect-proof roofline ventilation

When this was complete, we used a special retardant gauze to ensure that air would get to the roof space without allowing access for any insects. Above the front door, our client decided he would like a low-voltage spotlight fitted under the new canopy, which looks good and is an added security feature.

Summit copied the exact design of all the fascias that were removed, using a combination of flat pvc fascias and OG fascias, with tongue and groove soffits. The roofline of the house displays the exact same detail as the original timber, but with the bonus of being completely maintenance-free.

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