What is a Fascia Board?

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Unless you have been living in a cave your entire life it is absolutely certain that you have seen a Fascia Board however many people are unaware of exactly what they are for.
A Fascia Board is a specific kind of roof trim that is mounted on the exposed ends of Rafters or the top of exterior walls which creates a protective layer between the edges of the roof and the exterior. This type of roof trim is most commonly used on residential housing and also serves as an aesthetically pleasing finish to any property.
Fascia Replacement is very common in older buildings where it is possible that inferior (compared to today’s standards) materials were used or the structure of the Fascia has simply weathered over time. When considering Fascia Replacement it is worth remembering that there are various styles and colours to choose from that will match and enhance your property whilst also providing the long lasting protection to the roof and the interior of the house that you require.
Expert Fascia Replacement will provide you with superior quality materials and workmanship to ensure that your home is as protected as it possibly can be from the ravages of the British weather for many years to come.
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