Door Canopy Installation

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Why install a door canopy?

With winter on the way a professionally installed Door Canopy will protect your home from the harsh ravages of the bad weather to come.

Front Door Canopy Installation in London

We all want our homes to look nice and many people spend a lot of money and time achieving this personal goal. Considering the fact that your front door is the first obstacle that your family, friends or any other visitors face when attempting to meet with you at your home it is obviously important for that first impression to be right.

The protection and aesthetic qualities that a professionally installed door canopy will provide for your visitors and property will insure that not only the door and the area surrounding it is protected but will also add an air of grandeur to your property that will impress visitors and make you and your family proud. 

Where can I install a door canopy?

Door canopies can be installed above almost any existing or planned exterior door. Their main purpose is for protection from the elements and, when dealing with experienced companies, their design can be personalised and created to dramatically enhance the entire look of your property.

Tudor Style Door Canopy

Door Canopy Materials 

Our extensive experience in this field of professional door canopy installation has resulted in the understanding that most popular and cost effective material for providing good quality products is fibre glass. We support this stylish and flexible product with the addition of decorative columns, Pillarstrades and fluting depending on the clients wishes and the general structure of the property.

Front Door Canopy Designs

Bespoke Front Door Canopy InstallationPeriod Front Door Canopy DesignFront Door Canopy with Curved Wooden GallowsFront Door Canopy Side ViewOver Door Canopy Front View

The only real limit regarding the design and finish of your door canopy is the empty space that surrounds your door/s and your imagination. Apart from rebuilding your home there is nothing that we can do to expand the space above your door/s but we can help you to determine the very best door canopy solution for you and your property. 

If you require any advice on the installation of a high quality door canopy contact Summit Cladding today. 


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