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Door Canopies Features You’ll Love

October 26, 2015 9:00 am Published by

It’s autumn already and the weather has begun to remind us how passionately we love canopies. But not just any canopies. At Summit Cladding, we believe in making an entrance; and we have some design ideas to match this mantra. Here are some inspiring door canopy features that you will absolutely love. Canopy Installers Often Utilise Columns Columns can be decorative or structural in purpose. From an aesthetics perspective, few canopy features make as bold nor as impressive a statement. Imhotep originally introduced stone columns into Egyptian architecture as early as 2600BC. Since then, they have evolved into a range of materials including wood, fibreglass, metal and concrete. The effect is dramatic and popular in a variety of architectural styles.... View Article

Door Canopy Installation

November 12, 2013 3:33 pm Published by

Why install a door canopy? With winter on the way a professionally installed Door Canopy will protect your home from the harsh ravages of the bad weather to come. We all want our homes to look nice and many people spend a lot of money and time achieving this personal goal. Considering the fact that your front door is the first obstacle that your family, friends or any other visitors face when attempting to meet with you at your home it is obviously important for that first impression to be right. The protection and aesthetic qualities that a professionally installed door canopy will provide for your visitors and property will insure that not only the door and the area surrounding... View Article

Front Door Canopy Prevents Sun Bleaching

May 30, 2013 1:21 pm Published by

It is a common misconception that a Front Door Canopy is only needed for decorative effect and to protect the area below from the weather in the winter. While the winter protection that a Front Door Canopy provides is a very important part of its job, the protection from the sun that a properly designed and fitted Front Door Canopy will provide is equally as beneficial for your property. The Rain, snow, sleet and sometimes hail stones that plague these shores during the winter do, over time, cause wear and tear to your property and people naturally pay attention to these issues because they are very often an inconvenience to us; this fact makes it very easy to understand the... View Article

Install a Summer Door Canopy

April 8, 2013 11:28 am Published by

Summer is coming and people are starting to make plans for their holidays and the general household chores that this relaxing time of the year brings. There is no better time to think about Door Canopy installation to protect and visibly improve your home. We have installed many different styles of Door Canopy over the years on various different types of properties to hundreds of satisfied customers. Below we have published just a few of these Door Canopy installations for you to enjoy. The before and after image above is a perfect example of how a home can look bland (almost naked) without a Door Canopy but once added it looks completely different. It is safe to say that once... View Article

Protect Your Family with a Door Canopy

March 18, 2013 1:08 pm Published by

While we at Summit Cladding would never encourage people to smoke we do fully respect every individual’s right to choose, as long as it is not harming others. The installation of a Door Canopy will enable you to smoke outside in all weathers while your family and friends remain indoors away from any harmful and unwanted smoke. It is a scientifically proven fact that all cigarette smoke is harmful to the smoker and the people around them if they choose to smoke in enclosed spaces, this is known as passive smoking. Children, especially babies, are among the most vulnerable in these situations making smoking in the car and the home something to be avoided at all costs even if you... View Article

Why Install A Door Canopy?

January 15, 2013 2:19 pm Published by

Whether your property is brand new or century’s old it is vital that you choose the best door canopy for installation, one that not only fits the overall look of your property but is also aesthetically pleasing at the same time.   There are a multitude of different varieties to choose from all with their own unique style which, with careful consideration, can be installed to suit all tastes.   Just some of the advantages of door canopy installation are as follows…   A high quality door canopy will defend the house from the elements including the extreme heat of the sun, cold weather conditions and heavy downpours of rain. A good quality door canopy will help to decrease the... View Article

Canopy Installation in Cuffley

July 25, 2012 9:27 am Published by

Summit Cladding were called to a home in Tolmers Road Cuffley. The homeowner, Mr Jacovides wanted a canopy at the front of the house, so we created a door canopy which extended across the front of the house, ensuring that it matched with the existing Redland Old English tiles.     Mr Jacovides was so pleased with the worked that we carried out that he asked us to come back and complete a canopy at the back of the house.     What do you think of the canopy on this home? If you are interested in canopy installation or any of our cladding services, contact Summit Cladding on 0208 508 9606 or you can fill the Summit Cladding contact... View Article

Door Canopy Installation in N12. Before & After

July 7, 2012 8:54 am Published by

Mr Morris called Summit Cladding when he kept having problems with his door getting damaged from wet weather conditions.  When we arrived at Mr Morris’ home in N12 we could see that the best way to prevent further damage was to install a door canopy. We did this and then matched up the existing guttering on the front bay. We also added spotlights to the canopy.   What do you  think of this door canopy installation? If you are interested in any of our services, contact Summit Cladding.