Replacing the Door Canopy on a Period Property

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If you’re lucky enough to live in a period home, then you will be only too aware of the many issues which can arise when it comes to maintaining and replacing the fabric of the building.

Hopefully these are tasks which you won’t have to undertake too often but things do wear…and even the most solidly built home can suffer from centuries of wind and rain!

One of the most distinctive parts of any older home is often its entrance. Architects of the past were notoriously interested in creating beautiful, practical entrances which would both impress and delight passers-by and residents alike.

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Door Canopies

Door canopies appear on houses of varying ages and on buildings of all types; grand mansions and humble country cottages sport door canopies of timber, tile, lead and even glass.

Georgian homes often have some beautifully decorative and classic door canopies which are quite simple in their silhouette whilst Victorian canopies tend to be far more ornate.

As well as adding a beautiful element to the entrance of a home they do serve a very useful function…that of keeping you dry and your door protected somewhat from the weather.

Shade in the summer and shelter in the winter, door canopies protect you in those vulnerable moments just as you’re stepping inside or outside.

Replacing or Repairing Period Door Canopies

In some cases, it’s a sad fact that original door canopies are just too damaged to be repaired and must be completely replaced.

Summit Cladding has a range of bespoke lead and tiled door canopies which are the perfect option for period homes or for contemporary homes with a classic twist.

With a wide selection of designs to choose from, your bespoke door canopy will have hand built timber frame with an authentic lead roof; the look can be completed with scalloped edges and lead flashing.

Visit Summit Cladding’s gallery of bespoke tiled door canopies or their gallery of bespoke lead door canopies today to gain an insight into the exquisite designs and styles available today.


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