Bargeboards installation in Haringey, North London

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Pre-installation of new bargeboards
New bargeboard installation in Haringey
uPVC bargeboard installation
Bargeboards replacement in Haringey

If there’s one thing you can say with certainty about the Victorians it’s that they knew how to build houses. Good strong bricklaying with lovely thick woodwork around the roofline. But that means it’s quite a challenge to replace those old bargeboards while keeping the authentic Victorian look.

Summit Cladding had been contacted by our client, Patricia, who was maintaining her sister’s property in Haringey, North London, which had been owned by the family for over 50 years. The house had served them well, but with Patricia’s sister due to return home after living in the Caribbean, it was time for a bit of a makeover.

Fresh new look

The paintwork on those Victorian bargeboards was in poor condition and Patricia wanted our advice on giving the old house a fresh new look using today’s materials.

In Victorian times the thickness and quality of the timber were far superior to what is currently available – hence their long life. A typical Victorian bargeboard can be 50 mm thick, compared with today’s at around 16mm.

This might not seem much, but removing bargeboards this thick isn’t an easy task. After removal, the finished depth of the new board must be the same as the original and all the cement work on the verge must be reinstated.

Maintenance-free replacement

After erecting scaffolding to the front and side of the house, Summit removed all the old timber and replaced it with 18mm maintenance-free uPVC bargeboards, backed by “packers.” We then re-cemented the front verge to ensure all the roof ties were sound. As a finishing touch, we also replaced all the original gutters.

When Patricia’s sister returned for a family celebration she was amazed and delighted by the brand new look of her house, thanks to Summit Cladding.

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